Questions You Should Ask to Your Orange County Liposuction Surgeon


Gastric Plication is a surgery that is basically meant for people who have obesity. It is a surgical weight loss method that is gaining popularity due to the improvements in the medical field and increasing difficulties encountered by patients who have severe obesity and are trying to lose weight. This kind of procedure varies according to the needs and the characteristics of the patients. With this kind of procedure, the surgeon is able to reduce the volume of the stomach by around seventy five percent. for this reason, the patient is able to cut down on the amount of food that he or she takes before becoming full.

Bariatric surgery is a more extreme method used in a medically supervised weight loss program. However, the surgery is usually recommended for patients who struggle with morbid obesity and other associated diseases like hypertension and diabetes. There is a range of different surgeries that can be conducted to enhance weight loss. These include gastric bypass which entails sectioning off of the stomach, gastric banding entailing an artificial band being placed around the stomach temporarily so as to limit the amount of food that is consumed. Making up the list of the latest procedures is gastric plication which helps obese patients and so far it has already revealed patient outcomes that are encouraging. Before undergoing the surgery, there are a number of questions that one can as the gastric plication surgeon. You may ask,These questions include the following:

  1. How is the gastric plication procedure performed?

The surgery is performed as a laparoscopic procedure which involves making either five or six incisions in the abdomen and performing the procedure using a video camera together with long instruments that are placed through these small incisions. Sewing is done to one or more large folds in the stomach which leads to a reduction by around seventy five percent and therefore the stomach is able to hold less. This procedure takes between forty minutes to two hours to be complete. Most patients however make a full recovery after one month.

  1. What diet is best in the weeks after surgery?

Just like the rest of the bariatric surgery procedures, this procedure will require one to change the diet. Within the first and the second week after the surgery, the patient will mostly use smooth liquids like water, milk and juice. In the third and the fourth week, the patient uses vegetables and other soups that do not contain carbs. This will change in the fifth and the sixth week as the patient will be using heartier soup, fruits and yogurt. Finally in the seventh and the eight week, the patient adopts a new and a regular diet but it should be in limited quantities as directed by a bariatric dietitian. As a point to note, the patient should start performing daily light exercises like walking about one month after surgery.

  1. How does the procedure cause weight loss?

This is a restrictive procedure. It reduces the size of the stomach in a great way and it limits the amount of food that one can eat at a time. This surgery doesn’t cause a decrease in the absorption of nutrients and at the same time it does not bypass the intestines. With little amount of food, one will feel full very quickly and this satisfaction continues for several hours. Furthermore, this procedure may also cause a decrease in appetite.

  1. What are the advantages of this procedure?

This procedure ideally aims at including the main benefits associated with other surgical procedures without limitations. For this reason, it does not involve rearrangement of the digestive system but rather.

This procedure ideally aims at including the main benefits associated with other surgical procedures without limitations. For this reason, it does not involve rearrangement of the digestive system but rather the need for additional adjustments surgeries or the implanting of a banding device around the stomach. This procedure additionally can be reversed as it is not permanent. Even though it is still a new procedure, the results are encouraging.


If one is interested in gastric sleeve surgery reviews or medical management then he or she should consider undertaking the gastric balloon procedure. It is still in the investigation stage which is why the number of surgeons who are performing the procedure is still limited. Since it is still a new procedure however, there is still not enough information about the long term effects of Orange County liposuction surgery.

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